Wildlife Refuge: Protecting and Preserving Wildlife


Do you know other places where extinct and other animals can live freely? Because of extinction and other factors, everyone knows that the best place for them is a zoo. Well, you really can’t blame them if they have this kind of answers. This is not being said that they are totally wrong with their answer. It is because his was taught to children at a very young age. There is still a great place for them, well a place called “refuge” is the best place for them for those wildlife animals, and you certainly know the best place for them. That is none other than wildlife refuge.

What is a wildlife refuge?


Wildlife refuge or commonly known as wildlife sanctuary, this is the protected area where the species coming from competition, hunting and predation where protected. It could also be an island or a geographic territory wherein the protection of wildlife is the main priority. This particular place is not just made or established by people who just want to have it. Either it is privately or publicly own, this is mandated by the country’s government legislation.

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