The Wildlife Flashback

Did you know that the Mihintale’s area in Sri Lanka was believed to be the first place to be a wildlife sanctuary? It was in 3rd century BC, through the King Devanampiya Tissa who commanded his people from hurting the animals and even destroyed the trees within their area. This ancient event was recorded on a stone inscription that is luckily found on this said place. There are other wildlife sanctuaries in other places most especially in America.

These places are as follows:

• Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge – under the state law of California, in 1870 this place located in Lake Merritt, California, was established and known to be the first American refuge owned by the government for wildlife.

• Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge – in 1903, through the efforts of Theodore Roosevelt, this was the 1st refuge that is federally owned in America. This was also said part of his campaign that will improve the country. This is called the Square Deal campaign.

These two wildlife refuge have brought awareness to the people of the world about the importance of treasuring wildlife to have a balance biodiversity. This had all happened in the early 19th century and today, there are already various countries that had taken their full responsibility in taking care of their wildlife. There are some that had already established some numerous systems for supervising non-profit refuges and sanctuaries. This will be a general system to be followed by all of these sanctuaries.